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Bench Press Endurance


Hi, I'm 15 and a half years old and I weigh 140 pounds.

In my current routine I'm doing 4 sets of Bench Press for 8-12 reps(failure) each set. I use the same weight for all 4 sets.
I do that 3x a week.

This is what I did today on the bench press(yes I know I'm pretty weak).

12x95 lbs.
10x95 lbs.
8x95 lbs.
7x95 lbs.

I noticed that on the Bench Press that after my first 2 sets, my performance drops significantly. On the first set I did 12 reps. Then on the second set I did 10 reps. But on the 3rd set I could barely pump out 8 reps. And I only was able to do 7 on the last set.
Is this normal?

I also noticed that my first 3-4 reps are a piece of cake. But from the 5th rep on, it gets drastically harder. The difference between the 4th rep and the 5th rep is big. I go from doing the 4th rep easily to struggling hard to get the bar up on the 5th rep. Is this also normal or does my endurance suck very very very very badly?



all of that is prefectly normal.


If your that worried aboput endurance you should also be training for maximal strength as well say the 3 rep zone. Birng that Up and the amoutn of time you can do 95lbs will go up as well. Dont fosuc on pure lineral progression.

Also are you timing rest periods. Using a set time so you can judge progress??

Othet than that yes looks normal keep aiming to do better.




You have poor lactic acid tolerance.