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Bench Press Critique


I would like to know what I am messing up in my bench press so I can improve that lift.

265 lbs below:

Try touching about 1/2-1inch further down your chest. Honestly the rest looks pretty solid. You’ve just got a weak bench press and need to increase your back strength, chest and shoulders.

Nothing majorly wrong, just got to get stronger.

minor things: wait a bit longer after unracking before lowering it, make sure as your take the bar out elbows are locked solid. Also take the bar a bit further out over your chest before lowering it. Same 1/2 inch to 1 inch range. Just make sure you are keeping your shoulder blades pulled together and squeezing your back.


Thank you. I think I know what to do.

Lift is pretty good but too quick. You should practice your pauses when you touch the bar to your chest. You should practice your bench commands with your spotter.

Assuming it was meant to be a touch and go, I think it was good. Hard to tell on a lift like this since there was no form breakdown

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I would work on the decent. You seem a bit shaky. If you learn to use your back lats to bring the weight down in will help a lot. Also hammer the triceps.

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