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Bench Press Competition - Need Help w/ Training


My gym has a body weight bench press competition 2 weeks from now, I can press my body weight about 8-9 times. My training looks like this:
Day 1: Bench Press 5x5
Incline DB press 3-4x10
Guillotine press (neck press) 3x12
Day 2: BB rows 5x5
DB rows 3-4x12-15
About 6 sets of curls
Day off
Day 3: Push press 5x5
Dips 4x8-10
Military press 3x12
Day 4: 25 pullups
DB rows 3-4x12-15
2 days off -> repeat

I was thinking of doing 2 maybe 3 bench days a week, but I don't know if it would be too much or counterproductive; also raising intensity and lowering volume.
I know 2 weeks isn't much, I'd appreciate any help, tips regarding training for this contest! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


just to clarify, is the competition "bench your bodyweight as many times as possible" or "biggest percentage of your bodyweight you can bench for 1 rep"


bodyweight for reps


i would do one day - 1 rm , second day, bodyweight + 10/5 lbs more and repping out NOT to the failure, also do not use much arch in repping out (it will make you tired faster )

imo it will improve your numbers of repetition by 5-6 yet in two weeks i dont think it could be more.


What does a bench press competition have to do with bodybuilding again?


Dude, it's 2 weeks. Honestly, your best bet would probably be to keep your training like it is now and focus on your form, because your muscles aren't going to radically change over two weeks. Watch some of the EliteFTS vids about the bench press. That would probably help more than anything else.


You might be able to improve your rep count, but just make sure to give yourself at least 48hrs of no benching before the comp. You'll want to be fully recovered for that.


Might be better to velocity diet off a few pounds, weigh in and then get some quick carbs