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Bench Press Chains.

I have recentley aquired 4 chains, two about 10 feet long, and the other two 9. Theyre seperate links. Does anyone know how to take regular chains like those and make them for the bench? I know one smaller chain hangs from the bar and the rest are all put on that one.

Sounds like you got it there… Lie them flat out on the floor, and fold them back on themselves so ther’s 4 or 5 equal lengths and place the smaller chain thru where the folds are in the chain and connect it to the bar.

I’m explaining it very poorly, but I hope you understand.

Get a couple of shackles or snaps and use the 9’ chains to hang the 10’ chains from the bar.

Fold up the excess so your pile of chains is about 3’ long and the suspension chain is about 2’ long (actual length depends on your arms and your grip width).

Make sure that both piles of chain are exactly the same length, count the links if you have to. You want exactly the same amount of weight on either side at any point throughout the lift.

The bunch of chains should be completely on the floor when the bar is on your chest, and completely (or almost completely) off the floor at lock-out.

Use them to whip bodybuilders.

Dose this answer you question?

Yes it does, than you.