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Bench Press Butt


hey, im a raw lifter. in my federation your feet have to be completly flat during the benchpress. everytime a weight is reasonably heavy for me my butt tends to get off the bench slightly. any tips pls??


move your feet out


Yup. once your feet are out far enough your knees will be far enough below your hips that it'll be impossible for your butt to get off the bench no matter how hard you try. you can still get really tight this way


By the time I'm ready to unrack the bar, my butt is touching the bench and my hips are in full extension.


any vids pls?


look up Dave Tate's bench vids.




damn it...doing all these things but my butt can still get off the bench...


Um...of course your butt can still get off the bench. Stop picking it up off the bench.


It's called muscle control/good form. I had to work with a client for ages to stop his habit of raising his butt off the ground. DRIVE your feet into the ground with your hamstrings and OPEN up your hip flexors. that'll keep your arch AND keep your butt down.

Your butt's coming up because you're telling it to, not because of where you're putting your legs or that your heels are on the ground. Keep it on the bench. Concentrate on it. Drive your ass and your traps into the bench at the same time.