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Bench Press Bounce


I always have guys who are clearly bouncing the bar off their chest say that they arent. Including a guy on this forum who posted a vid of a massive 200+ lbs. bench I think he clearly bounced.

Now short of forcing said individual to enter a pl meet for example and get three annoying red ligths, I thought of a test to see if they are controlling the weight and not bouncing it.

Lay a pencil on your chest perpedicular to the bar and lower the bar to the pencil and then lift the bar. I think that that would clearly show said knuckle head that he is bouncing the weight of his chest. Because if you can really control the weight you could do it without breaking the pencil.

If your really good I supppose you could use a piece of pasta.


A massive 200+ bench? Are you being sarcastic?




I hope so


I know you're not talking about someone with the initials "DW", because ALL of his lifts are legit! (whole lot of sarcasm there, in case anyone thinks I'm being serious).

That sounds like a good idea, though I can see someone breaking the pencil and saying that it was because he went down all the way to his chest, but didn't bounce.

I think you're right though. If you can control the bar down to your chest, without bouncing, you should be able to stop at the pencil without breaking it.

I might try that Wednesday. I'm starting CW's Waterburry Method and Wednesday is my 10X3 bench day. I've always been critical of other people bouncing weight off their chest, but I've caught myself doing it a couple times.


So I see the great DW is well known!

How to explain to him that getting a dead up to your thighs then hitching it up the rest of the way is not a deadlift is my next task.

DW if you are reading this I will say yes you did lift that weight of the floor, but it was not a deadlift.


hmm, what about us powerlifters that sink the bar down quite fast, then stop and then lift? :stuck_out_tongue: I'm quite sure my technique (i also sink the bar well into the chest) would break the pencil, but I don't get red lights at meets.. :stuck_out_tongue:


yes and you also have a judge to make sure your not bouncing...the pencil trick is to show people who dont think they bounce that they do, but wont compete or take anyones word for it.


Just make them say the word "one" when the bar touches their chest before they can press. That's what I did to learn how to pause for PL meets. Works like a charm, and most of the "bouncers" will bury themselves under the bar until they actually get strong enough to lift it. I could also see the pencil breaking the wrong way and possibly stabbing someone or at least digging into their chest. Tough way to learn a lesson!!!


I without a doubt would crush that pencil. I do not bounce the bar but I do bring it down to my chest with maximum force. The faster it comes down....the faster it will go up. Either way though, I don't care how someone else does there bench press unless they are doing a lot more weight than me and I can learn something. I would rather not poke fun after a few years of training if the person is serious they will get it right.


Agreed brother....the people I had in mind have been doing it for a while.


regardless this seems like a fun way to torment my friends...