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Bench Press Assistance Exercises

I have been lifting on a program that focuses alot on the big three lifts. (squat, bench, deadlift.) It seems that no matter what I do, that my bench press refuses to progress very much, especially in relation to my other lifts. It seems that I have a very large and strange muscular inbalance.

Deadlift: 1x405
Squat: 1x335 ATG
Bench: 1x200

Although my other lifts are not particularly strong, my bench press seems very weak.

My sticking point tends to be within two inches of my chest which to me signifies either a weak chest or weak rotator cuffs. However I feel that I strengthened my rotators greatly through the Neanderthal No More Program and through daily activation exercises. I have also switched up the type of bench pressing that I do (Flat, Incline, Dumbbell.)

Does anyone have suggestions for exercises to strengthen the start of the bench press? All that I can think of are weighted push ups and one and a quarter bench presses to work the lower phases more.

Any help would be appreciated as my bench has been stalled for ages and is really discouraging.

I’m surprised that no one has said anything yet, especially something this easy. I recommend upping your calorie and protein intake. That should do the trick.