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Bench Press Arch

Whatever your opinion of it the arch is part of powerlifting and IMO worth improving as much as any other aspect of technique in the big three. While arches like Sean Noriega’s attract haters like flies to shit I see many lifters leave lb/kg on the platform by not attempting a higher/tighter arch.

In this past training block I’ve been actively trying to improve my bench arch. Stuff like:

  • Stretches e.g. Cat-Cow, Cobra Stretch, Laying on your back off the edge of something etc.

  • Laying on something placed under my arch

  • Full Back Bridging

  • Simply lying down and practicing the technique of arching

Measuring my arch now vs before there’s been an approximate 10cm increase in arch height in relation to the bench/floor. Depends on your limb lengths but 10cm cut off of the ROM even with really long bench strokes like 100cm is a significant decrease in work done.

What kind of arch do you use on competition bench? Is it different in training?

If you’re a big archer how’d you get there? Technique? Stretching? Nothing done specifically to improve the arch?

What other ways are there to increase the bench press arch