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Bench Press and Painful Bicep Tendon

Been foolishly high rep dips to failure with full ROM and heavy dumbell presses in the same cycle as some true max effort bench work and ignoring a pain around my left shoulder that has been getting progressively worse.

Seems to hurt most at bottom of dips, bench or anything similiar - possibly more with neutral or close grip… and even a little tight at the very top when doing bent over barbell rows.

Located at the very top, inside of my arm up near the delt and pec. Also painful to press/manipulate with finger. Definatly soft tissue damage.

Going to try a physio soon perhaps…

Just wondering if anyone else has had something similar?

I have something similar but I notice it exactly the day after I lift. I feel it sometimes in the same area when I dip but its nothing severe. Most of the pain comes the day after I lift.

To limit the pain I have been doing some light shoulder mobility work and after my upper body days the commercial gym i train at has this stupid bicycle thing where you can move your arms in a bicycle motion. I am not sure what it is called but it seems to help eliminate the pain a little bit.

Good luck

definitely use a baseball or tenis ball to massage it, work on felxibility and rotator strength, also stop going down so far in dips if they hurt, i cut dips out b.c they are no good for my shoudlers, start doing more rear delt work too, make sure everything is balanced