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Bench Press Alternatives with Longer Limbs?

Hi CT,
Quick question on Bench Press being a long limbed lifter. I just read your article on the Bench Press not being the king of exercises. For me, as you suggested, being long limbed the Bench Press targets my pecs really well, but also comes with greater risk of shoulder issues, which I do feel the extended stretch at bottom.

You suggested for long limb lifters that Incline Press or Floor Press to be better options. I measured my Floor Press and 2 Board Press and they were equal in range of motion. When I do the 2 Board Press I still feel my chest in the movement along with greater feel/control in my triceps.

  1. So my questions is, is it adequate to use the 2 Board Bench Press as my long term main big money horizontal pressing movement over the full range Bench Press? Any draw backs or likely a better long term approach ie Strength & Size gains for my body type?

Thanks for he help,

Floor press, 2 boards press or just reducing the range of motion slightly are good options. Charles Staley wrote an article about that. DB presses also tend to work better for long limbed individuals.

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Ok great I’ll go with the 2 Board Press. I still get a stretch in my chest using the 2 Board so still will get maximum benefits while being a safer long term option for my front delts/shoulders.

One final thing, for my long term main big money pulling movement I am doing deadlifts from pins below knees. I find this takes away stress on my lower back and allows to engage my hamstring/glutes a lot better before each rep. They also don’t drain me compared to deadlifts off the floor in terms of recovery.

  1. Is this a good option or should I choose the RDL as my long term lift again for maximal Size and Strength gains.

Thanks again for the help,

I too have long ol’ orangutan arms so floor press and dips work for me. :ok_hand:t4: