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Bench Press Advice


I have been stuck at getting 3 reps of 120kg's out for the last 3 weeks! i cant seem to get an extra rep out each week... Ive been on creatine again for like 7 days and already all my other lifts have improved atleast 15% but still my bench isnt...

I eat ALOT , sleep alot, take good supplements (multi,fishoil,Bcaa's,glutamine etc)

I was thinking that i might need to start getting serious about training my triceps because the top half of my bench is where i seem to fail.

Any other tips ? cheers guys

5'10 weight 82kg bodyfat about 10%


technique might be your issue


Without knowing your training split etc. If you need to improve on triceps try three board press and weighted dips maybe.


Maybe a better thread for the PL forum? Have you tried doing speed work, what you describe above may be an inability to generate enough power rather than weak triceps.

How do you programme your benching?


If you are atempting 120kg week after week and not getting anywhere there is your problem drop the weight when you stall and work back up lose the ego. add 2.5kg every week. If you a having lockout problems add more tricep work eg scull crushers/ dips/ tricep rope pulldows etc. if you are up for it you can use boards/chains/bands/bench press lockouts/floor press etc. Creatine is overrated in my opinion so I would not put all my hope into that supplement.


I you are eating good and taking right supplements still not improving in two weeks..I think its just lacks your spirit and dedication towards it. try to bring change on daily basis.