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Bench Press Advice


I just wanted some opinions about when you bench press do you let the bar touch your chest or stop it right before and go up. I have always let it touch (not bounce) to get the full stretch and ROM on the lift. A trainer at my gym was telling me to never let the bar touch my chest because of the strain on the rotator cuffs.


Lol, trainers like to throw their advice out when its not needed all the time. It probably makes them feel 'special'.

If you already have been touching your chest keep doing it, most people do.

Watch the bench press videos in this thread to make sure you won't have to worry about shoulder injuries from the bench press.



Personally, if I stop just before my chest, I feel a lot of strain in the shoulders so I go to the chest.


If you feel strain in your shoulder joint when doing flat bench, you probably need to improve your form. Simple things like reducing the angle between your upper arm and your torso and touching the bar to the bottom of your sternum will aid in taking the strain off the shoulder joint (though not necessarily off your front delts).

That trainer sounds like a douche.


Dave Tate, look him up bro. And trainer is a dumb fuck.


2 seconds down, rest 1 second on chest, explode upward as fast as possible, thats how i roll


Don't listen to trainer, trainer once told me I was going to snap my spine when he saw me bench with an arch. Needless to say I now wear headphones in gym


Thanks for the advice guys, this trainer is a douche by the way. I like the 2 sec neg, 1 sec on the chest and explode up. I will also turn up my ipod and drown out the douchiness from the trainers.