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Bench Press 2 x per Week


I need advice. I want bench press two time per week. Is here any bench press program i can use for that?

Now im doing 3x5 two time a week bench press, weekly adding 2.5kg. And one time per week OHP 3x5-8.

Thanks in advance!

The majority of powerlifting programs out there will have you bench twice a week, usually one day heavy competition style and then another day some variation or assistance type of bench. This is a pretty standard protocol. Check out Jonnie Candito’s or Ed Coan’s stuff, for instance. To my knowledge, no one really does heavy competition bench twice a week, if that’s what you mean. Of course, I could be mistaken and don’t purport to know about every training methodology that has been successfully used. But I think most people would stall out doing heavy competition-style benching twice a week. For whatever reason, the 3 powerlifts seem to be different than, say, the clean and jerk and snatch, which weightlifters can train heavy multiple times per week and still make improvements.

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Can’t really think of any program in particular with specifically benching twice a week. Most I know have a bench frequency of +3. I would love to bench 3 times a week, but currently time just does not permit it.

Therefore I have to bench twice a week only. Besides some warmup and accessories, I have a volume day and a heavy-ish day. To put differently a hypertrophy day and a CNS day. On both you can go with incremental increases adding weight each session or play with rep ranges as with bench you typically stall very quickly even when just adding 2.5kg. Volume can be a 5x5 and heavy day could be 1x5 or you pyramid up to a 2 or 3RM. I also sometimes do 5 singles with a 3 second pause on my intense day. Just some food for thought…

Paul Kelso had a bunch of 2x week benching programs in “Powerlifting Basics Texas Style”, modeled off a classic “heavy/light” program, which had been around for decades prior to the publication.

Most bench 2x week programs are going to have you squat once a week, deadlift once a week, and then bench heavy one day and bench light another. Typically something like

Mon-Bench (heavy)



Sat-Bench light

You could always go with a Westside Barbell style approach too, which would have you performing bench work twice a week.

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I understand that there are many programs that have you benching more than once a week. I would search for some if I were you.

If all else fails you could do 531 and replace the press with another bench day.

I found Sebastian Oreb program template.12 week. I just need advice how to progress on this, what load to use for both session…etc? Example? Thanks a lot!
Week 1-4
Session 1 3-5x8
Session 2 3-5x4
Week 5-8
Session 1 3-5x6
Session 2 3-5x3
Week 9-12
Session 1 3-5x4
Session 2 3-5x2

If all you found was a set and rep scheme then it’s not much use.

You could do 5/3/1 with the standard sets/reps on one day and 5’s progression and joker sets for 5’s on the 2nd, ohp as an assistance lift. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated.

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If you found an Oreb template it would most likely give percentages. Or you could just ask him, he seems like a pretty decent bloke. Either he’ll tell you, or tell you to pay for it if you want the information (which would be fair since that’s how he makes a living).


Considering who Oreb trains, I’d consider paying for one of his programs.

If you’re a man of science or voodoo, you could check out Prilepin’s Chart to find what weights to use.

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I find this obsession with “The Program” in powerlifting a bit absurd. I used to go to a gym where a number of competitive bodybuilders trained, nobody followed any internet program. Are bodybuilders really that much smarter than powerlifters?

Sure, benching twice a week makes sense, less than that won’t be better for 99% of people, but figuring it out isn’t rocket science. Bench heavy one day, lighter and more volume (either higher reps or speed work type stuff) and do some assistance work afterwards, problem solved.


Ben pollack has a free program template he released. I think you have to subscribe to his new letter to get it.