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Bench PR :)


What's up folks, I'm going to shamelessly stoke my ego because I benched 300 for the first time. It's been a goal of mine for a while now. I started with a max of about 225 a year ago. I locked out 305 pretty easy, tried 315 but I screwed up my set-up and brought it too high on my chest where it got stuck (once the spotter got it moving I was able to lock it on my own). I know I'm good for it and will give it another shot real soon.

All attempts were raw.

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Should Teenagers 'Bulk' and 'Cut'?



Good work man.

Keep it up.


Good Job man, damn putting 75 lbs on your bench in a year is fucking awesome. I actually hit a PR on thursday too and 300 is my next goal. Anyway nice job man


nice job man, success is addictive, enjoy it!


Nice work. My next goal is to be able to do 300/400/500 bench/squat/dl. Bench is there, squat too, just need to bring my DL up (short arms help on bench, but not here!). My posterior chain is definetely a weak point I'm going to hammer.


congrats! 300 has a nice ring to it, huh?!


Good goals, but since we all vary between our relative squat and dead ability, I wouldn't necessarily expect a 500 dead to match. I can squat a little more than I can dead. Your choice, but how about 900 combined squat and dead.


I know that the ratio varies a lot on torso/leg/arm length. I have a 405 squat and about a 425 DL right now. A 500 pound dead is still my goal however, it doesn't really matter how much my squat has to come up to reach that. If I have to squat 500 to DL 500 then so be it!


Nice going man! 300 is a great bench achievement!


Great work!


I'm working real hard on my barbell bench right now. I have trouble on multiple sets and figuring out a good progression, but a lot of my sets lead me to believe 300 may be in my future:

205 X 10 easy.
225 x 6
245 x 4.

I spend a good deal of time progressing on dumbbell bench, and only recently have I been working on my barbell. My dumbbell best is 100's x 7, but I was advanced in my dumbell w/o doing barbell benchs for at least 6 months.


Looks like someone's bringin home 3 bills for supper.


When I hit 100s x 7 with dumbells, my max bench hit 310-with about a month working on it. In other words, you should have the strength base.