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Bench PR Sets After Templates Without Bench

Question: I was looking at Full Body 16 template, which has no bench. All the Full Body Anchor templates have a Bench PR Set day - how should it be handled?
Assuming a typical 2 Leader / 1 Anchor setup, and assuming a Bench TM of 100kg before starting the program, should I:

-increase the Bench TM regularly after each cycle, adding +2kg, then do a PR Set based on 104kg in the Anchor phase?
-keep the Bench TM at 100kg and do a PR Set based on 100kg?
-do something else?

I’ve just finished Full Body 16 and started Full Body anchor now. Just keep your bench TM at 100kg, don’t worry about changing it if the lift isn’t in your program.

Here’s what I did:

-2 cycles of the program with squat, press and deadlift

  • 7th week deload over 3 days (one day squat, one bench, one deadlift/press) - either work up to 1 rep of your Bench TM if you know it’s good, or make sure you can get 3-5 reps if you’re worried.

  • start the anchor with the bench TM I already had set. You know you can handle that 100kg TM, and you might be stronger after 6 weeks of high volume pressing. This just means you can push the PR set harder and go for higher reps.

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Thanks! Great suggestions.
That’s the template I want to do, any feedback about it?
I was wondering about pressing assistance stuff, my guts tells me to try dips (5’s Pro day), tricep pushdowns (BBS day) and DB Bench (FSL day), but my brain suggests it might not be so straightforward.

I might have to stick to full body routines for a while due to my new job schedule and I was thinking about rotating between Full Body 3 (Bench 1/week SSL, BBS for Press), Full body 7 (pushing the squat, benching 1/week SSL) and Full Body 16 (pushing squat, press and DL). Sounds decently balanced.

PS: which Anchor you’re following up with? Full Body 6?

Honestly, do whatever you want with assistance, I never planned it in advance. I usually stuck to bodyweight movements and bands.

So if was feeling good I’d do 25-50 dips, or a few sets of dips and filled the rest out with pushups and band pushdowns. Some weeks I’d do pushups every time, some dips every time. Just see how you feel when you go in. As long as you’re not treating it like main work you won’t go wrong.

And yeah full body 6 was the anchor I picked, to stick with the 2-3 deadlift sessions a week from the leader.

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