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Bench Position

Where do you place yourself under the racked bar for doing barbell bench presses?

When the bar is in the rack do you position your eyes directly below??

i think i remember Dave Tate saying that the bar should be even with your nose

I try to bench powerlifter style (shoulder blades retracted) so I have to go pretty far back. When I push the weight up it comes close or sometimes hits the hooks. I don’t have a partner to unrack for me so this how I do it.

Usually it’s whatever is comfortable for you. It also depends on if you have a spotter to take the bar off, and the type of bench you’re on can play a part in this also.

I sit as far up on the bench as possible without hitting the rack while doing my reps

I’d say over your nose or below; if it’s too high you risk injury to your elbows and shoulder unracking it.