Bench PB

I know its not much compared to some on here but have managed

4 x 5 x 90 kg
1 x 4 x 90 kg

body weight of 88kg

Would like some thoughts though. Even shifting body weight I can’t seem to feel it afterwards!

was thinking about

  1. Upping Volume
  2. dropping to 3 x 8 but keep ramping the weight up.
  3. Adding a volume set to the end of the existing 5 x 5

grateful for thoughts people.

… what?

I am saying that there appears to be no recovery period but I do appear to be hitting my strength limit and I don’t get it.

You’re not really going to ‘feel it’ with 5x5, but that doesn’t mean it’s not working. As long as you’re getting stronger week by week, that’s all that matters.

Learn what ramping is, and use it.