Bench Only Powerlifting and 5/3/1?

Hey all. I’ve posted here before with questions regarding my situation. I have a minor enough disability that stops me squating and deadlifting with competition form, I have to do variations of both moves. I have decided to start doing bench only powerlifting meets. (I would have done them sooner, I didn’t realise they were a thing!)

Anyway, I was just wondering would Jim or anyone else have any recommendations for working towards a bench only meet? I would like to keep my leg work going, obviously, but the emphasis of my training would be geared towards improving the bench. I was thinking of ways of incorporating three upper body days a week; a heavy bench day, and two repetition bench days, maybe a floor press day, and a pin press day, something like that. I would have a lower body day as well. It would be something similar to this - day 1 - heavy bench (normal 531 progression) with Boring but Strong (Beyond 531) assistance. Day 2 - heavy leg (normal progression, alternating squat one week with deadlift the next. Deadlift assistance move with heavy squat, squat assistance with deadlift). Day 3 - floor press (50 - 65% of bench training max, sets between 4 and 6 reps) with assistance. Day 4 - Pin press (60 - 75% of bench training max, 4 - 10 singles) with assistance.

My concern with this is that I am moving away from any recognisable way of working the 531 programme. That works for many, but its better to follow some recognised advice when you are a novice. Are there any recommendations for using 531 for bench only goals?

Assistance work for the upper body has a strong emphasis on the upper back and prehab/ rehab type work for the shoulders. I have some shoulder work and arm work there too, but more of the back and prehab.

Look at Vince Dizenzo log at EFS

I wouldn’t change a thing - training for mental/physical strength is a full-time job and taking any time off from running, jumping, squatting and the core of what keeps my teeth sharp would be a dis-service. Just something I wouldn’t recommend for a bench meet.