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Bench on Toes or Flat Foot?

Years ago I used to bench on my toes and switched to flat foot for a comp and stayed flat foot because I thought on the toes werent aloud. I’ve since learned some feds allow it but kept flat foot since I was use to it. Yesterday I hit some heavy decline missed 400 but went down to 385 and hit it then repped 315 for 6. And my buddy suggested I try on the toes on flat. though normally I hit one thing for chest daily, I gave it a shot. Worked up to two singles paused with 355. Then for the hell of it today I worked up to tie my best recent tng bench with 375 which normaly I could do after a heavy decline day. I’m going to see if I cant go 385 on a fresh day.

But whats your opinion on this. Aside from lifting the most weight is most important. I feel a little uncomfortable and un stable in the postiton and don’t have as much leg drive.

I can set a way bigger arch up on my toes than flat footed, which means less ROM and more weight. That said, I do all my benching flat since it is an assistance lift for me and the one powerlifting fed I competed in required it.

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Yea it seems like the arch is cutting the rom down a good bit.

Describes my situation exactly. I also find it easier to keep my upper back tight on my toes.

I find i can get far more tightness through my legs on toes. Seems to help.

I seem to put up weight a bit easier but notice my hips cramp up and cant keep the arch. But have a feeling once I get use to it I’ll like it. I’ll still train flat footed though as well

Make sure of meet rules if you go with toes only. There are plenty of Feds that specify “feet flat on the ground.”

Yea my meet allows it so I figured I’ll give it a chance while I train for worlds.