Bench Modifications for Westside

I wanted to run this idea past you guys and see if you think it’s a good idea.

I’ve noticed on my bench press I have a good deal of trouble after the first inch off my chest, do pretty well at the midpoint and than explode at the top. I have used the floor press, and while I think it has helped, I think my issue is due to poor shoulder strength ( not only because I can’t military much but I don’t think my shoulders are very developed comparitevly.)

To adjust this, I’m going to screw around with my current template.

I’m currently using the westside speed bench sucks routine with a de bench day ( speed bench sucks consists of an me bench, heavy rack lockouts, shoulders and lats on one day.)(By the way, I’m a teenager on a decent bulk, I take breaks every 4 to 5 weeks and get at least 8-10 hours of sleep a day, so I think I can hadnle the intensity)

On my heavy day I plan to do two heavy lifts, almost two M.E. lifts. One will be my standard M.E. bench lift, the other will be a M.E. shoulder press.

On my other upper body day I plan to do shoulder work as normal and some type of lockout lift, though not as heavy (probably db floor presses or similar.)

Do you think this would go well to correct my problem at the bottom? I plan to only do it this way until I notice an improvement at the speed at the bottom.

Also, does anyone know any good lifts for M.E. work on the shoulders? I’m currently thinking cycling Seated Military presses, Standing military press, Push Press, Some dumbell overhead presses (although the idea of using these for M.E. is annoying). I’d like some more options.

You sure it’s not your pecs?

And are you tucking your elbows or flaring them out?

Your form can make the difference on what muscles should be firing and when.

My form still needs some work ( I can probably get tighter and sometimes my elbows flare) but I do bench tucked. The reason I suspect shoulder strength is Jim Wendler’s article ( ) on raw benching where he mentions shoulder work having a huge diffrence on his bottom end strength.