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Bench Meet

Hey everyone

i recently became interested in competing in soley bench comps. i’d be in junior (<23) im 19 and i weigh in at around 175.

i was just wondering what some competitve lifts would be. right now im benching 315 for a single and will most likely have higher numbers around 315-340.

are these numbers considered competitive for my weight class? or should i keep training and maybe thinkabout comps more into the future?

I think the main factor in how competitive you will be is what federation you compete in and how many competitiors are in your area.

check out powerliftingwatch.com you can find a meet in your area and also check out all the different federations to see what numbers others are putting up. When looking at records make sure you understand shirted vs. unequiped benching.

Generally speaking:

2x BW is competitive.
3x BW is very competitive.

lift in teens and you can set some records kid…

Go for it man!!

There’s no reason to wait until you hit some bigger numbers. The way to get bigger numbers is to compete often and get some experience.

Just my opinion.