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Bench Meet Results


Finished Bench press nationals with a 97.5 kg lift for a first place finish and a place on the World team. Hopefully in two weeks I will add 10 kg to that lift.



Damn, good job!!


Nice lift!



Got any pics from the meet?



Great work, cant wait to hear of further success.


Awesome! Cheering you on from Cali.


nice! congrats! :slight_smile: good luck!


Good job! We'd love to see some pics of the meet if you've got any.
What federation do you lift in and when is the World team competition? And where?




Congrats Malinda!

Stay strong





Wow! That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you and good luck on the World Team.


Malinda, I benched a new PR yesterday (110lbs - dinky I know) and totally used you for motivation to help get that bar up! So thanks!!!


Thanks All! I was happy with a win, would have loved to bench more, but with World Masters in only two weeks better to take it easy and not risk injury at this point.

I lift with USA powerlifting. The bench Worlds will be in Miami this next april -- World Master full meet is in South Africa the first week of October.

Jilly -- glad to be inspiration to someone!



Sorry not this one, but I will have some from Worlds in a couple of weeks! Promise.


Thanks YU -- not a banner day, but good enough. I seem to bench better after squats! I ask Keller if he could have a squat rack set up in Miami for me -- boy did I get the look.



Not dinky by any means! That is great work -- I remember when that was all I could do as well. Just takes work. You will get there.

And you are most welcome.



Thanks Mike -- it was an interesting weekend. The screen was fairly green until the big boys decided to play.