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Bench Maxing

How soon can I max out on bench again, is it usually a month at least? I just maxed out tonight and my old max of 280 flew up so I was psyched that I was going to finally get 300, but then I tried 295 and it barely went up, and 300 wouldn’t go.

I’m pretty pissed off because based on how easy 280 went up I know I can get 300, I must have just come down at a bad angle with the 295 and struggling with that took it all out of me.

I personally max on bench every other week.

If you’re really wanting 300 try for it next week.

I just thought trying to max often would jack up my CNS or something and cause other problems. I may give it a week or two and try again.

I hit a PR of 300, then a week later, I went for 305 and got it.

I say go for it again.

Maybe I will. Here is the video of me doing my old max of 280. The first time I hit 280 it was a struggle, this time I could have gotten at least three reps with it, that’s why I don’t understand how 290 was so rough. I must have come down wrong and threw myself off.

Based on how 280 went up I was thinking 300 would be possible. What do you think? I know my arms are flared quite a bit and I don’t really use my legs, but I haven’t spent the time to get those two things down yet.

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i dont think your arms flare to much.
You start your press tucked and let the elbows come out for the lockout.

Seeing your miss would tell me a lot more. But when someone misses badly just going up slightly in weight it is oftentimes a stability issue. In the bench it is often in the bottom or simply because the body and stabilizers need to get better at stabilizing the now heavier weight.

Your form isn’t bad. I think maxing out once a month or so is about right. Have confidence in your program and hard-work to carry you well past 300 next time. Also, missing can get to be a very bad habit. Don’t miss often, so if you do miss SFW!! Good luck.

Ok thanks. I still think the mess up in descent with 290 messed me up for 300. There’s no way 290 should have gone up as slow as it did after seeing how fast 280 went up, I had to have messed something up and put myself at a disadvantage.

As far as the miss goes, my triceps just gave out again. Now that I have a dip belt I plan on murdering my tris with weighted dips, they’ve always held me back on benching. Even 300 flew off my chest but stalled out right around half way.

And actually my Texas Power Bar weighs 5lbs more than my CAP so the 280 was already 5lbs my PR.

I think it may have been because of that boring talk show/slow music combination in the background… get some good pump up music!

[quote]Sharp4850 wrote:
I think it may have been because of that boring talk show/slow music combination in the background… get some good pump up music![/quote]

Hahaha, on other forums I’m known for listening to Scrubs while working out, but that wasn’t on so I just had something on Discovery playing. I never feel like dragging me speakers down there because I use them in my room.

Although I will say when I tried 300lbs I was watching the intro to Rocky III and the music was playing, so if that didn’t get it for me I don’t think anything would have :stuck_out_tongue:

try static holds after max bench in a power rack on your first bench workout, then use bands for a singel & triple inside power racks. this has raised my bench from 330 to low 500’s in less than 3 mo’s by doing this.

do all work in a shirt.