Bench, Mark Bell Video, Confused


He’s saying you should be doing the BB pose to show off lats. But surely you’re meant to keep your back tight/shoulders back and not pushing them forward?

I think I must have read something like this before and started doing it ages ago and I think that’s what led to shoulder issue. I’m now rather confused why he’s recommending it…

He’s saying flex your lats, while keeping your shoulder blades “tucked”. He does say “your shoulder comes forward”, which taken out of context would be some pretty bad advice.

Also, if you’re really interested send him a question on Facebook, YouTube or whatever social mediums you can and I’m sure he’ll answer it. It’s really incredible that someone would take that much time out of their life to answer questions, especially a lifter of that caliber, so you should take advantage of it if you can.

BUMP. Just because I’m still quite interested in this advice and it seems as quite bad advice so what’s up with that?