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Bench Jump Up After 16 Week Plan?

6’3 195lbs, using 350lbs as my calculated 1RM. I’m following a 16 wk plan posted on t nation. I’m 10 wks in and hitting all my numbers. The series ends working at 90%. should I take a light week next or try for my jump up the next week? Any recommendations on how much to jump up?

At your height and weight a 350 bench press is quite good. To answer your question if your following a 16 week program that has outlined percentages I’m guessing it includes a model on progression. Since your 10 weeks in you should likely continue following this programs recommendations.

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The program is from t nation. The program says it usually adds between 20-50 lbs, but it leaves it open.

Can you post the article? I’d assume a 16week program would have some forms of deload.

I don’t see anything in the article about a de load. I was thinking something between 60-75% after the last week.

Every 4 weeks they have you doing 60% for 5x10. That’s a little heavy and a little voluminous for a deload, but I think it still technically counts as a deload. I don’t know if you would actually need to add a deload for week 17 or not, it all depends on how you feel. Throwing one light session in won’t kill you, and it won’t detract from your strength levels either.

As for your question of how much to jump up, I would suggest hitting 4 singles: 75%, 85%, 95%, and then 102-105% of your old 1RM. If you’re not feeling super powerful after your 95%, err more towards the 355-360lb range. If you smoke 95%, try to put up 365-370lbs. A 15-20lb increase on your bench in 4 months is pretty good, especially when you’re tall and skinny with a 350lb max already.

The best advice I can give you for maxing out is something you probably already know, but I want to hammer it home: warm up with something other than bench press. Obviously you’re going to need to warm up with some benching before you test your max, but jump rope for 5 minutes, or shoot hoops for 15 minutes, whatever; don’t just hop on the bench and try to get after it as soon as you step foot in the gym. Get your whole body buzzing, and then smoke a PR.

Since you’re still hitting all your numbers after week 10, I’m sure you’ll be able to finish the program strong. Good luck man, and don’t forget to use a spotter!

Based on?

^^^ This. If you haven’t hit 350 before I wouldn’t use it. Also, I would use my pause max or competition pause max as a starter. Using sub max weights will make you much stronger than going balls to the wall every session.

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