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Bench is Stuck


I'm currently 17 years old and in High School. I lift weights in the morning and have lacrosse directly after school. I've been trying to master 190lbs for 5 sets of 7 reps so that i can add 5 pounds to that, but after three weeks I still can't get 5 solid sets in. I always seem to fail out on the last couple reps of the 5th set. Is it because I do a lot of cardio after school everyday during lacrosse? Would that make gains hard to come by? Or maybe I'm just training wrong. Any advice would be helpful.


Diet are you eating for all the activity.

Change things up. drop the load on one day of the week a bit and do 5 sets of ten on another day do 10 set of 3 with higher weight. Oh and give it time three weeks is NOTHING!!!!


Yeah, you're probably tired as shit from being at school all day, then doing Lax. Make sure you EAT EAT EAT and hydrate. And can we forget about the bench for a minute here? What about your other lifts? Are they comming along well? Are you rowing, squating, deadlifting? Make sure you're hitting the triceps if you want to bring up your bench.


PS: The stuff Phill said is GOOD advice too.


Variations, both in terms of your set/rep scheme and also exercises. Dips and patience will help too.


I only have 3 days on which I can work out in school. Monday I do bench and either tricep pressdowns or tricep extensions. On tuesday I do shrugs and some un-weighted pullups. Then on thursday I do weighted pullups and barbell curls. I would throw squats or deads in on tuesday if I wasn't in season, but thats my lifting schedule for now. Suggestions?


suggestions?? your in season and WASTING time on a few isolation when your worry should be about being BRIEF and hit the complete body with BIG exercises to attempt to preserve the strenght base you made with just a few MONEY movements.

Three days a week perfect. Each day one BIG push, pull and leg movement. Thats it. Vary the sets reps and load doinmg everything but that 7 rep yopur looking to improve fix the problem by not attacking it head on but at the weakness that being limit strength. LIFT HEAVY reps of 3 and less, endurance strength 10-15 reps. etc. on a differnt day. Then a third day working on speed or in the moderate rep zone 6-8.

3 days
do something like these
Pushes Pick one.
Bench press (and variations DB, BB Incline, decline etc), OH Presses/clean and press, Dips.

Pick one
Rows and variations, Chins, pull ups, etc, cleans/snatches.

Pick one
DL (all vaiations), Squats (and all variations) lunges, step ups,GM's etc.

Something like
day 1 reps 6-8
Squat and
BO Rows

day 2 reps 10-15
Clean and press
face pulls

Day 3 reps 1-3
chins/lat pull down

Or another variation. Leave the curls etc for the off season.

Thats my opinion anyway,


Your body will shut down to protect your joints. Do an equal weight and volume of barbell rows.