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Bench Inquiry on Strength Training

Moving the thread because I made it in the wrong section.
The question was “Should I lock out every single reps in 5/3/1, bench”

[quote]Ecchastang wrote:
Why do you think your max will drastically be reduced if you have to lock out reps? Why do you think you have to anyway?[/quote]

I am totally new to strength program. It looked like few people I’ve seen doing this (5/3/1) program or similar strength training all locking out at the top. I haven’t seen anyone else not locking out, yet.

I been bodybuilding for many years and if I lock out, I can’t do same amount of reps whereas I do reps without locking out. So if I was to estimate my max based on how many reps I can do with locking out, my max will be reduced due to decrease in total reps. Unless I am measuring max using single reps, in which case I have to lock out anyway to rack the bar, and I haven’t measured max this way.

So is it ok not to lock out and continue? Will this somehow slow the progress compared to people who are locking out every single reps?

As the advice is to start too light I’d use the method which gives you the lowest ‘max’

all of your reps should go down to touch your chest, and all the way up to lock out. general rules for strength training:

5x5 is very good
lots of rest in between sets
when you get the bar to the bottom, hold it for 1-2 seconds then explode up (very important, this has helped me tremendously)
controlled reps, generally slow on the way down and explosive on the way up
its not all about ‘feeling the burn’ and 'the pump’
progressive overload
eat a lot

What is your goal? Are you trying to get better at bench press, or get stronger, or get bigger? List them in order.

[quote]Ecchastang wrote:
What is your goal? Are you trying to get better at bench press, or get stronger, or get bigger? List them in order.[/quote]

I am trying to get stronger, and doing 5/3/1 for that reason. My 2nd week starts next week, and I need clarification on this.

About someone responding me for “do not seek for pump, etc”, I am not newbie as I mentioned in the first post that I been bodybuilding for many years, and I clearly wrote on the title “Strength training”. I know rest pause can help strength gain, but nowhere in the 5/3/1 Jim mentioned to do it every single reps. Touching the chest? It is better for me to not touch the chest due to some reasons unless it is mandatory for 5/3/1. I just need to be clear on locking out part.