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Bench Has Me Discouraged


Today was a ME day (Floor Press)
I worked upto 295x4 (was aiming for 5, but failed short)
I feel like my bench isn't going in the direction it needs to be (For reference, I did 285x5 probably 2 months back)
I've been following a conjugate based system and my squats are fairing very well (took 570 last week for a free squat)

I don't know if I'm expecting too much or if I'm just not knowledgeable enough to attack my weakpoints as of yet. Just looking for some advice on where to go from here. Half debating screwing what I've been doing, and just getting back to being an athlete in the weightroom first and foremost (following 5/3/1 with singles) and not worry about exercise selection, weak points, etc.


yur bench is like too weak to be training it westside style..better keep it simple...focus o the flat bench, do more shoulders


Agreed . Don't worry about rotating exercises . Get Josh Bryant's e book from elite fts. I'll give you an example if what my friend is doing now.


My friend is doing twelve work sets of benches . Paused , touch and go , extra wide benches and dead stop . Followed by front raises , flies , hammer curls and iso prone abs . He's following the bj whitehead program btw .


You can check my log here also . Two board , five board paused close grip ,shoulder work, triceps, biceps . Back is done on deadlift day .


"being an athlete in the weightroom first and foremost"

most of the really strong people that I know/have known are far better at lifting than they are at theorizing

my .02 for the day


Awesome! I wanted to throw .02 in today as well and despite it having nothing to do with this thread really, it's great.

Some douche in my office was talking on the elevator up to the 30th floor about picking up some new 7 jeans, you know the skinny ones that are made for guys and girls. I told him the only excuse to ever have skinny jeans is because you squat enough to make your regular jeans tight on your legs. That quieted down his whining for the remainder of the ride up to my floor.


99% of the time, when your weights stall like this, it has nothing to do with programming. It has to do with form inconsistancies or real life getting in the way(nutrition, sleep, circadian hormonal release, or a billion other things). My bench has sucked for a while now as well. Mostly because I am stubborn and did not think my form was the problem. Fixed that now I will be smashing a PR at my next meet. Be honest with yourself. Followin a long term, well laid plan usually takes years before benefits cease.

Everyone hates that answer. Switching a program or doing "insert whatever exercise here" instead of "insert whatever exercises here" is easy and an instant fix. Being honest with yourself and mastering your form are much harder skills to develop.


STB, thanks, and I know that this is what I really need. I'm positive my form is shitastic, I've watched the "So you think you can bench" series and emulate it, but I try and find little tips and tricks that help from some of the more experienced lifters, but at college and the public gym, not alot of help. I just got too far away from the basics for my liking, overcomplicating things. Time to get back to what i like doing, smashing some big weights


If you're raw, Thibs has a pretty good vid for bench form.


Meh...it might work for some, but I don't know anyone that is really strong that benches in that way


It helped me break a bench plateau that I had for several months. I had been stuck at 285, then after experimenting with that type of bench form for a few weeks, it shot up to 300. Different strokes for different folks I guess.