Bench Has Dropped Through the Floor

My bench has drastically decreased over the pass three weeks. Went from 275×5 close grip to 255 ×3. Not happy. My overall strength is just fine though. The only thing I can figure is that at about the same time my bench went down my deads are going up like they are sucking the mojo from my bench. Side note…my deads have been shit do to nagging injury. Finally found a chiropractor that has me back on track. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Have you lost weight recently?

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What about your bench? You just mentioned close grip, is that your only bench variation?

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Actually loosing 20+ pounds of your bench in 3 weeks looks almost impossible to me.When you did the 255 x 3 were you recovered enough?Or maybe you close grip bench for a pr very frequently.What does your training routine look like?

I’ve been training clone grip first then some regular bench with pause. I only bench once a week. My last max was in December at a meet. Hit 330 and failed at 350 cause I couldn’t lock it out. So I figured concentrating on close grip would help with lock out. My weight has been stabke

If your weight has been stable, how has your sleep, recovery etc. been? If those are in order, you could simply have had a very bad day. My bench suffers the most if I’m having a bad day with bad sleep or my mind on something else.

I think the problem is training heavy your close grip each week.Although I wouldn’t freak out too much.It could have been just a bad day

dont bench for a week or two. work on OH presses.

Perhaps you “lost” something in your technique?

I follow Alpha’s log (everyone should!) in the training log section, and his latest video with a close grip bench PR of 465 happens to include some tips on benching. Saw the headline of your thread, and here I am…

Drop your load but bench more frequently and do lots of rows and pull aparts. I’d also do comp style bench and do DB inclines and use a Slingshot to overload your lockout.

Have a look at block periodization.I think it would benefit you a lot to have a 4-6 week accumulation block,where volume is high and intensity is lower followed by intensification where you can really push the weights.The acc block helps me put on some mass and push for reps lifts that I suck at

are you deadlifting the day before you bench?