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Ummm…this might be the dumbest question ever asked in this forum but I feel a need. As far as the bench press goes, is there a grip width that is universally accepted as the primary width to gain size, as well as one for hefting up the most weight? I ask because in the new article that explains close-grip lockouts, the example’s grip is about what I use for regular bench presses. Am I screwing myself out of growth/strength potential here?

We dug that pic out of the archives to show the rack set-up in lockouts, but he’s not using a close grip.

As for your question, it depends on what type of bencher you are. Some naturally bench a lot with their triceps, so a closer grip is best for them strength-wise. A wider grip, on the other hand, makes you use the pecs more than the triceps.

Ian King has suggested taking a wider grip for those who bench a lot but are unsatisfied with their pec development. They could be tricep benchers so widening the grip will help them with chest development, though their loads will go down at first.

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Oh as far as the original post. I would suggest changing up your grip every no and then. Find your weakness and target that grip but dont ignore the others.

I personnaly can bench far more with a wide grip then a close grip so I have been concentrating on my tri development.


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Hey Steve, if you want my advice, make widegrip your primary grip, and then move it in for lockout or closegrip work. I always benched wide grip and it got my chest huge. Also, using a wide grip is one of the first steps in perfecting your groove and building a big bench. I’ve been doing wide grip bench my whole benching career. I neglected triceps for the few few years, which led to some disproportionalities which I am working on now, but as long as you put an emphasis on tris at the same time you’re building a big bench using a wide grip, you will push more weight and get big while doing it. If you have been benching close for a while, it may take some time, but I think wide grip is definitely the way to go.

The way I see it, swollness starts in the near the heart, right outside them… in the pectorals.


I don’t like taking the risk shoulder wise of wide grip. I use close-grip/regular grip universally.