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Bench Grip Tailored to Stronger Triceps

I’m just wondering whether or not using a closer grip (wider relative to a close grip bench) would be beneficial for someone with stronger triceps. Would going too narrow, still wide compared to a close grip bench, have a negative affect as it would utilize other prime movers less? Just questions.

EASY = Since this is the PL section, Bench with a grip that you move the most weight, wherever that is. IF you happen to press more with a close grip, then I’d say you need to work on your upper back. We all need to do that regardless. No one is ever too big or strong right? lol

Now if you want to hit the tris a bit more, yeah narrow the grip up, do a suicide grip, touch higher on the chest etc.

This is just like the deadlift. Don’t just pick an arbitrary stance / grip width just because you think you have a stronger “XXX” muscles. You could be “quad dominate” as fuck but lessen the glutes out of the movement and you will NOT lift more. Get it?

Absolutely. Utilize the position/muscles that allow you to move the most weight.

This may sound silly but what I found to be the best " get me in the ballpark" grip tool was to simply put a bar in the floor with the little 2.5# plates and do push ups on the bar till I found the grip width where the push ups were the easiest. I’d also vary where I lowered my chest to the bar. Right now I am pinky finger just inside the rings and touch at the bottom of the sternum. I found over the years that my “best” grip will change as I address weaknesses or my leverages change but it will be within 2" either direction of this general ballpark. Even shirted, I felt the strongest with my ring finger on the rings. YMMV of course. Hope this helps man and good luck.

Thanks bud, I really appreciate the advice and insight.

For sure man. If you have strong as fuck triceps and you can bench more even if 5lbs more pain free with a marrow grip you would be stupid not use that grip atteast in a meet. Tony Evans my Bench Coach benches with a grip narrower than my “close grip” bench and he just smoked 500 for 2 @ 199lbs body weight last week. At RUM7 benched 525 with a pause obviously @ 208. Use what ever grip allows you to move the most weight period flat.

That’s crazy!