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bench form

I just got a new bench program and it says to place the bar just above the nipples. I thought it was below. Am I wrong? Thanks

Was it a powerlifting or a bodybuilding program?


Maybe this answers your question:

"Try to push the bar toward your feet. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, right? Then why in the world would some coaches advocate pressing in a “J” line toward the rack? If I were to bench the way most trainers are advocating (with my elbows out, bringing the bar down to the chest and pressing toward the rack) my barbell travel distance would be 16 inches. Now, if I pull my shoulder blades together, tuck my chin and elbows, and bring the bar to my upper abdominals or lower chest, then my pressing distance is only 6.5 inches. Now which would you prefer? If you want to push up a bar-bending load of plates, you’d choose the shorter distance. " – Dave Tate

You can read the whole article Here

above the nipple line makes it awkward and shoulder stress
the nipple line and stopping just before touching your chest is good for bodybuilding
upper abs is powerlifting with slight arch-like teh article says

Okay for powerlifting definetly go below the nipple. If you use Louie Simmons/Dave Tates pressing in a straight line method or a J press I would go below the nipple for sure.

Decided to try keeping the bar above the nipples, but my wife wouldn’t take off her shirt.