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Bench Form

Just wondering if anyone could let me know if they see anything wrong with my form or if there’s any reason this lift would be red lighted.

What federation?
In IPF you can’t lift your head.

Also there was some slight downward motion that you might get a red light from, particularly the left side judge.

Some Feds require the head to stay on the bench. You lift yours, make sure you’re GTG with that. Also for me, my arch collapses a bit if I lift my head make sure you don’t inadvertently cause yourself more ROM this way. Also squeeze the glutes to keep that butt down. It looked as if it came up a few times but I may be wrong. You may want to consider sliding the bench towards your feet a bit more so you and hug it with your legs. Hope this helps.

Sorry forgot to mention that, my fed does allow the head to come up. Thanks for the input! Just noticed the downward movement of the bar, and I’m 98% sure my butt stayed down(think I was just shaking like hell lol) but I’ll be sure to try that next time to be sure. Can never be too careful