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Bench Form

I searched but I could not find an answer to this simple question. On BP when you lower the bar to your chest, where should the bar be? I heard it should be within an inch of your nipples. I think I have been lowering much to high on the upper part of my chest. If so this could explain why I not seeing much gains compared to my other lifts.

Lowering the bar farther up on the chest (and even towards the neck) will either load up the delts (if the elbows flair out) or the triceps (if the elbows are held close in).

Depends on your goals, powerlifting or bodybuilding.

having trained as a bodybuilder for a number of years and then switching to powerlifting the technique is altogether different.

read some of dave tates articles on benching and what not, there are many of them here on this web site, or go to westside barbell and link over to elitefitness.com

Dave really knows his stuff when it comes to moving alot of weight, check it out.


Your questions is answered in Dave Tate’s article Bench 600 lbs here at T-mag (along with a slew of other information that I think you will enjoy reading about Bench Pressing form in general). Give it a read!


Thanks guys. I re read a couple of those articles and my question was answered in bench press 600lbs. This also explains soreness in the shoulder I have been having. Thanks again.