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Bench Form Check

Probably not the best angle, But all i got at the moment,
Like stated in my training log i got some pretty bad elbow pain recently, Anyone see anything thats wrong for sure?
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Is this really the best video/s you could come up with lel?

If so I’ll get to work on roasting you but I’d rather have more/better vids/angles to work with. Maybe higher % 1RM and comp style with an IPF approved pause and everything.

This, higher %, but its also a bit older.

Also higher % but also older, most recent video i had was the OG one.

Hope these are good enough to roast me

EDIT: Dont hate me and my sexy singlet

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We’ll chop bench in half: Set Up and Execution and focus on one aspect at a time cos I think you’ll get more out of it that way. Makes sense too cos setup comes first and sets you up (ba dum tsss) to execute well.

Everybody probably gonna jump in all over the place tho lel.

With your vids it looks like you have two different set ups in each and your third doesn’t even have the set up making it a bit awkward to formcheck. I’ll go off your third vid because IMO that looks best but I’ll refer to the other vids at times.

Feet Position + Big(ger)/Tighter Arch

From what I can see you should be able to tuck your heels even further beneath yourself/back. Via the body segments between heels and your back this will pop your arch up a bit more. Pretty straightforward.

There’s lots of different ways to do this so you’ll have to experiment. Try this way: looking at the third vid you do everything as before until you’re at the position @ 7 seconds. Your weight is up on your traps and it’s all good up top.

What I want you to try doing differently now is to adjust your feet to get them further under you. Try some combination of kicking out one leg at a time and then tucking them as far back as they’ll go and picking up your heels while leaving your forefoot in contact with the ground and then wiggling your leg a little so that your toes inch backwards. Have a watch of these lifters’ feet during their set up

JTS Overview Vid

Will also help you keep your butt down which looks to be a potential problem maybe in vid 1 and 2 but not so much 3 so I’ll add it as an afterthought.

Now more about the arching and the cheating and the all the things. Pretty much you need to arch more for powerlifting purposes. You got no excuse not to (I think lel).

What a lot of people think of is mobility work and laying on a foam roller and shit and although that certainly works in time simple cuing and technical changes achieve improvements immediately. Try some of these vids but definitely have a YouTube/Google for more:

Can’t be bothered going into mobility stuff right now so remind me another day if you are interested.

Also helps if you don’t collapse your arch with the bar/sink but that’s more about execution so save that discussion for later.

For now we’ll leave it at that. Work on it and see how much you can improve then check back in for more. It’s not bad right now but next time we might try improving your upper back positioning.

Good luck

I’ve tried this before, And i seem to get a cramp of some sort right here:

Same goes for when i move out my legs to much, this has bin my “save spot”
Mobility issue?

Ill watch the video’s on arching and adopt that into my form.

If it’s a cramp and not a pulled muscle, eat more salt. Salt is good for people who sweat and work out (not so good for elderly, sedentary hypertension patients). Don’t take my word for it listen to Stan below.

Don’t ask me anything about benching, because I don’t know how.

Maybe tightness, maybe compensation from the hip, maybe actual cramp, maybe flexing hips too hard I dunno. If this is what’s happening then you’re doing it wrong (for you).

One of JP’s cues is “quads” and he specifically says not to tense up your glutes. If you are tensing up everything around your hip super hard for a bit you’ll get some cramping action going without doing anything for your bench. Quads is where it’s at

I don’t know about any safe spot bullshit but I reckon there’s a sweet spot somewhere where you get tension without the cramping.

Keep your elbows under the bar. It looks like you are tucking your elbows more than necessary and bringing them slightly towards your feet while the bar is a couple inches higher up, this will decrease power at the bottom. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with elbow pain though, have you been doing much tricep work? I had elbow pain in the past specifically from doing lots of tricep extensions and going heavy on them, fortunately it didn’t affect any pressing movements although sometimes I felt it doing simple things like pushing a door open. It seems like skull crushers and behind the neck extensions (aka French press) were the worst.

Significant mistakes in your the first video:

  1. Lifting the ass during the eccentric phase.
  2. No pause in the amortization phase.

In my opinion, you have little muscle if you are the raw powerlifter. You must greatly improve your hypertrophy.

No, not at all really. Casual pushdowns after bench, 15kg max.

I’m gonna be working on this in some time, Allready planning it.
Thanks for the tips though.

Remember that the amount of raw strength is greatly influenced by the quality and the size of the hypertrophy.

I get where you’re coming from, and if i didnt wanna compete in 4ish months, idd start a hypertrophy phase. But since i’m gonna be doing a meet in 4ish months its not the most logical choice to do that RIGHT NOW.

After the meet however, its my #1 priority.

Ok, however, it would be good if you published your training. It may contain unnecessary mistakes…

*detaily publish

I’ve bin logging for some time now,
my training squat and deadlift wise has bin (for me) pretty on point.


It’s a pity that you don’t writing the training log in detail. I miss average intensity, tonnage, lifts, and etc. It would be good to suggest a more sophisticated periodization.

If that’s the case then I would assume it’s either due to the elbow position in your bench or perhaps from low bar squatting. Other than fixing your bench you could reduce the amount of low bar squatting, high bar or SSB (if available) are two of the best options. Definitely still do your heaviest sets with your competition technique, but getting more of the volume in with arm-friendly variations can make a difference.

When do you feel pain in your elbows? Only when you bench or during other stuff as well?

You should put together an excel spreadsheet for this purpose and put a link for people to download. Right now I’m aware of two sites that have something like this, Reactive Training Systems and mystrengthbook. RTS only works if you do RPE-based training and mystrengthbook costs money.

It would make sense if Jerry really trained according to my detailed periodization. There must be a guarantee, otherwise it’s unnecessary… The program would be created within three weeks.

These two images can also help…