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Bench Form Check

Hey guys, looking for a little help with my bench please!

I’ve been into powerlifting for around a year now, and Bench has always been my worst lift. I find it really uncomfortable, unlike squats and deadlifts which I love.

Took a video of a quick rep at the end of my session so I could check out my form, and wanted other opinions… So any tips to share, please do!

Looked ok but maybe get a video of a few reps with some heavier weight when form might break down

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Thanks man, i’ll see what I can do Monday when I go heavy

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Seeing the bar path would also be helpful so consider a side shot as well.

Heres a double at 112.5kg, my feet are a bit shuffley at the start and i cant tell if im over tucking my elbows? Anything else you guya can pick up on?

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