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Bench Form Check and Chest Lagging Size

okay here is my vid of benching and what i can bench with this form is 35 kilo each side for 4 reps… i also do after this lift i do flat dumbell press and half incline dumbell pres… and then incline fliyes and cable cross over…
is this wrong or enough idk and i need help…

sets for each lift is 3 of heavy weight not ramping rep range 10 8
for bench its ramping untel that 4 rep set

Same issues my wife had with the same weight. You lack tightness, maybe move your grip in a little and control the weight. It’s not the worst I’ve seen just need to develop more over all and repeat the motion till its muscle memory

what to do to fix this… someone told me im benching with my shoulder

The video does not show you setting up, but based on the fact that you move your legs and wiggle around after you pull the weight off of the rack, I can tell that you are not doing it right. Dave Tate has a BP article on here that you need to look at and it has video with it showing proper set up. CT probably has the same. My bench jumped tens of pounds just by learning to set up properly.

You are just laying on the bench having absolutely zero tightness anywhere. Arch your back a little, squeeze your shoulder blades together, lower the bar just below your nipples, drive your legs into the ground and make your entire body tight and a solid base to actually move anything. Also I’m not entirely sure but it looks like you’re using a suicide grip. Ditch that shit.

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i was

i retract and dpress and i was doing it in vid

why how does that help

yes i was and why to ditch ?
i tried floor press with bar… and its cool move i like it… cuz bench last night hurt my shoulder…

Arch your back more. Your shoulders are in a disadvantageous position when benching that flat. Driving your legs into the ground helps in getting your whole body tighter so you can utilize more muscles while benching. If your body is like a wet noodle aside from chest, back and arms, it’s not a stable position to press from.

Ditch because it has absolutely zero benefit and it makes it a ton easier to drop the bar. Also take your time when benching. You are in too much of a hurry and you didn’t even touch your chest on the first rep. Slow down, focus on each rep and fix what has been said.

Coach, I’m using the below drill as per your advice after each workout. I’ve found that this drill is ingraining the shoulders back and down pattern in my set up which is good, but when I initiate the descent on the first rep I lose the shoulder shrug position. Is it normal or is it still a technique issue?

My actual concern is the shoulder health, the shoulder shrug position had helped me to bench press without any shoulder problems which used to recur very frequently earlier.

that would make it a decline bench …

No. Getting on a decline bench would make it a decline.
Did you look at any bench videos by CT or Dave Tate yet?

The angle shift is so minimal, it makes absolutely zero difference from incline/decline/flat point of view. Arching your back more puts your shoulders in a healthier position to bench. Not touching your chest, flaring your elbows out too much and not arching are all things that contribute to your shoulders aching after benching.

If you want help, don’t try to discredit every single piece of advice people tell you and stop acting like you know better. If you did, you wouldn’t be here asking for help, and your benching would certainly not look like that monstrosity you demonstrated in your videos.

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I find it takes pressure off my elbows and allows me to get my wrist better aligned personally. Never dropped a bar that way. If I have to rely on my thumbs to hold the bar, I f-ed up, haha.

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This. I mean some people around here easily bench twice the weight OP can handle and are giving solid advice here. OP, if you don’t want to accept good and qualified help, don’t start threads here. I’m certainly not the greatest lifter of all time but even I can see what’s going wrong with your bench and all advice given here is pointing exactly in the right direction.

Just like deadlifting with an arched back, benching or pressing with a suicide grip is a personal quirk that one might notice makes the lift easier for them at some point. Neither are things a beginner should utilize right from the start unless there’s some physical anomaly that forces it. I also utilize the suicide grip while doing seated barbell presses if my forearms or shoulders are aching but that’s only for the one set I do and if I’m having problems.

I use the suicide grip on a 405 bench. Is it smart nope, should stop before something does happen? Yes! But will I na. I’m 6’3 265 and for some reason I just can’t keep a straight wrist and correct bar path with a normal grip. But my reps are slow and controled. But I would never let my wife bench with my grip because she doesn’t have the same grip strength i do. Like the OP my wife’s currently developing her technique benching the same weight as the OP. But unlike him she listens to advice given.

Oh yeah, it’s definitely a preference thing, but that’s why I thought it was interesting you were telling someone to stop doing it. I have found it has some pros and cons, same with full grip.

I actually prefer having a beginner use a thumbless grip from the start, if that’s how they like to bench, mainly because I figure it’s better to figure it out then versus building up to a 400lb bench and THEN trying to change things around. Sorts out the learning curve.

Every dropped bench I’ve ever seen was done with a full grip. Meanwhile, you got strongman competitors false gripping axles over their skulls who aren’t dying, haha. I guess I just don’t really believe in the danger aspect people talk about.

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Yes it basically boils down to preference. In OP’s case we clearly see he has other issues with the lift as well, hence I don’t believe this is a habit he should build at this point. It’s not nearly the biggest issue here anyway.

that weight on bar for this bench is my best i cant add more…
the weight on squat that time was not my max i could add 1 more plate today i cant squat the same any more…

1 thing only… WHY AM I LOSING MY POWER… to tell something i ddint touch chest on that bench cuz i never did… and that was not taken today… was taken before i make this arcile to ask if my form is wong so dont scream at me

Guys, relax.

We were helping him out in another thread and we realise he is not very fluent in the English language so you gotta be a little patient here.

For example, when he writes something like:

he is not arguing. He is actually asking a question. So just give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s not being argumentative and he is taking in whatever he can from your replies.


The following was what I posted regarding the problems I saw with his FIRST bench video:


Elbows Tucking and Flaring

Bench Set-up

Grip and Wrist


This is the set-up for the powerlifting bench.

I bench exactly the same way except:

  1. I do not arch my back so much.
  2. I do not use leg drive.
  3. My feet are flat on the ground.
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