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Bench Form Check 90% of 5RM

This is set 1 of my modified TM 5x5 with 90% of my 5RM. This is 95kg (209lbs) and felt fairly easy. Bit of background, I am coming back from a surgically repaired pec major tendon rupture, for details click here. It has been about a year since the injury, but I feel I have recovered quite well as I am as strong as I was before the rupture. My goal is to reach a 1RM of 120kg weighing less than 74kg. I am actually quite happy with my bench form, arch feels good, shoulder blades retracted, stable upper back and decent leg drive. Compared to my other lifts, my bench is the strongest in terms of form. I will probably post a squat form check as well, as there is probably much more to consider. Apologies for the camera angle, the pin of the rack is a bit in the way. I appreciate any comments you may have.

It looks good I think but I’m not that good at benching lol

How did you injure yourself originally? Are you close gripping because of that?

Looks good form. Id set my ass on the bench, but other than that, keep hitting it hard. When do you think you will be hitting your 120kg 1RM?

Form is good, you’re very tight. Don’t worry you’ll reach your goal very soon

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Luckily not during benching, as that would probably make it much more difficult from a mental perspective to get back under the bar. I tore it doing weighted dips (which I do not do anymore for now). I bench fairly narrow, as I feel I can tuck my elbow in better and am stronger off the chest. With my t-rex arms, I actually do not have much need to grip wider to reduce ROM. And yes, a positive side effect is increased safety for my pec tendon.

Hopefully by the end of the year, but sometimes work/family get in the way. I am working off 5RMs and am stuck at 105kg, could only manage 4 last Friday. If I manage to get 5 reps with 105kg comfortably, I might do a mini-peak and give it a go.

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Dude if you can do 5 reps at 105 you can already do 1 at 120


Confident that you will hit that. Keep us posted thou!

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