Bench Flaring Up Biceps Tendonitis

I’ve strained and torn my biceps in the last couple of years and they’ve given me some problems since. Specifically on bench day my biceps kill me when I’m racking or un-racking the bar. Anyone have any idea why this is?

Elbow extended is when they are stretched furthest… in your warm up, try this: stand in front of a squat rack and hold your arm out straight in front of you and grab the vertical support of the rack, THUMB DOWN. slowly pivot away from the rack to get a good stretch in your bi’s. That’s a bi stretch, BUT usually on chest day, I do a few sets of ‘activation’ type work for my bi’s to help stabilize the elbow joint and “tighten” things up to improve my form for benching, etc. (heavy weight, low rep… get the CNS jacked w/out fatigue).

Also make sure you’re being “smooth” (AND SMOOTH IS NOT SYNONYMOUS WITH SLOW!!!) w/ the weight and not lazily “dropping” it back on the pins/rack. Move w/ a purpose, not w/ momentum!

Thanks for the advice, I’ll implement the biceps warm-up next time.

I had an issue training chest hard one day and bis the next, or vise versa, and had a major problem with my biceps tendon too. I’m not sure if your training schedule is similar, but if so maybe switch things around. After a couple weeks that did the trick, for me at least.

Good luck!

Is the pain specifically on the any of the heads of the biceps, or the tendon near the insertion or is it more through the side of the elbow and up through the biceps?