Bench, DL and Max Mass on Pharms

Any suggestion how to incorporate competition bench and deadlifting in maximum mass training(on cycle)??
Now i train this split;

  1. Bench, reverse smith bench, squat, hip thrust, calves
    2.yates row, chins, low row pulley, pulldown narrow and wide, hammer vertical plate row
    3.smith machine military press, dumbbell press, side delt fly, front delt fly, real delt fly machine &dumbbells, calves
  2. Off
  3. Bench speed work, dumbbell bench press/incline, smith triceps lock out 4x20, triceps pulley, biceps.
    6.deadlift, leg press, stifflegged/rdl, shrugs, calves.

Bench and dl under 6 reps, other bodyparts over 6 reps, calves always only one hard set, abs everytime at gym.
Goal is maximum muscle mass and big bench and deadlift.

Any better split/suggestions??

need more back work

More? Already 2 days, and every workout begins with facepulls and wide pull downs.

As warm up

i suppose it will suffice, i myself train back 4x a week with 3-4 exercises per session usually focusing on a specific movement each time. i see facepulls being more for shoulder health and not really a “back” exercise

sunday- ohp/weighted pullup working up to top set
tuesday- bench/row hypertrophy focused
thursday- deadlift/weighted pullup - multiple sets
friday- bw pullup/more hypertrophy focused

just to give you an idea. Im not saying my way is the right way but its worked for me. with your goals being a big bench/dl this may not work for you but i always think you can never train back enough

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Back is my strongest and best bodypart allready, if i train more my workout will last about 3 hours, now they are just under 2 hours.

Eddie hall trains 3 hours, maybe i can do same XD