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Bench Day - Not Many Left Before Meet


Monday Apr 3 Bench with the oldie.
Hit the gym on a mission. I did my normal warmup of bar for 12 with different hand positions, stretch, 12 reps with 95 again varying hand placements. Then 135 for 9 varying hand placements. Now to get to the fun stuff.
Then a double with 225 that felt too easy.
Then a triple with 250 that felt light. In fact I checked the bar to make sure I did not have 185.

Then 275 for 3 and my spotter commented how at lock out my body came off bench I had such force.

Next 300 for an easy triple. I am thru screwing around we put on my bench shirt.

The bar is loaded to 325 and we get the 2 boards. We do not really pull the shirt down much in front. I get the bar and do 3 reps in one breath. Oh man, this is wierd.

Next set full range, pause, and see what happens. The bar is loaded to 355lbs. Have never done anything more than a single with this weight. I lower the bar, pause it, and it explodes upward, then a second rep a little slower, but full lockout, then a third time I lower the bar. I pause, and drive it upward and lock it out with no, I repeat NO help.

I pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming, but I felt the pinch and no memory of Cindy Crawford so it is not a dream.

After stripping the shirt and bar I do a set of incline dumbbell presses 65 lb dumbbells for 20, yes 20 reps.

Then a set of 20 lat pulldowns with 160lbs.
Then plate raises 1 set of 20 with a 55lb plate.
Next a set of overhead extensions 20 reps with 60lbs.

I am so stoked. I will grab my wife, and there will be old people swapping spit tonight.
I have to leave to get my step daughter.
Life is good for the old guy.


Good work! So, just how old is the oldie?


Thats it? Ha, kidding man.

Great work with the bench though.


Just turned 56 and enjoying life.


After you mentioned Cindy Crawford I would have figured you to be older. Early sixties perhaps. :wink:


Congrats on the workout though. Great performance.


Good work young man!

I'm 43. My guess is your max is close to 400 if your doing 355, 3X.

Try this. Warmup with 135. Jump to 225 for about 6 reps...then rip 405! Put 4 plates on each side for the bench at my gym and people stop and watch!!!


That's the kind of stuff i love to hear.
Keep kicking ass Senseial.
I agree with hedo... it sounds to me like 4 plates a side belong to you...
Let us know how it goes.


When I got 3 plates a side, I knew I wasn't fucking around anymore.

When I put on 4 plates a side, Everyone else knew I wasn't fucking around anymore.

When I get 5 plates a side...well right now that seems really heavy, but then again so did the others before I kicked their asses.

Hope thats inspirational. Thats the way I meant it.