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Bench & Curl Routine?


Hey all,

I put together this routine for increasing bench and curl strength. My goal is strength and mass gains. What do you think?

Bench 5x5
DB Shrugs 5x5
Barbell Curls 5x5

Squats 5x5
Bentover rows 4x6
Weighted dips 4x6

Same as monday

Is this worthwhile or should I scrap it completely and go for something like WS4SB?


This looks brief, but to the point. Sometimes less is more, and if you only have a few exercises to do, you can put your all into them.
On your first day, I'd replace shrugs with deadlifts, and do them first. I would also alternate workouts. As it is, you are doing #1 twice a week (Monday and Friday) and #2 only once a week. On your second week, you might want try #2, #1, #2, your third week #1, #2, #1, etc.
Consider adding chins when you can. Also, a few sets of 'core' excercises, to hit your lower back and midsection. This is as much for stability and injury prevention as it is mass and strength.
Not a bad looking program, and I think you'll like the tweaks I've suggested.


I agree with combat medic. Why not substitute chins for the barbell curls and kill two birds?

It would also be a good idea to add some rotator cuff work for injury prevention.


You have two vertical pulling movements and one vertical pushing movement. You might wanna balance that out. You also don't have any hip dominant lower body movement.


why not try one od Waterbury's programs, this looks weak in quite a few areas