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Bench Competition

I am thinking about getting into a Bench Press competiton in JAN. I found out that most of the lifters are all using shirts. I have never used one and am not sure I really want to. What are some good competition Bench Press numbers with or without shirts to help me determine if I should use one? I appreciate any comments. Thanks

If you are really serious about the competition you NEED a bench shirt. There is no reason not to use one if they allow it and it will only be a large disadvantage to you if you dont have one.

Nic, what is your weight? Are using steroids? Have you ever used a shirt?

Sorry. Last post on this thread was directed to John, not Nic.

have you ever tried a bench shirt? it takes a while to get used to wearing one because they generally require you to change the groove a little. better order one immediately.

are you thinking about a canvas/denim shirt? if you are, generally you have to tailor them a little to get the perfect fit. are you going to have someone available to help you get in and out of the shirt? there is no way you can do it by yourself if the shirt fits right. a good fit generally leaves you bruised.

i’ve used a double canvas with velcro on the back. probably only added about 10-20 pounds on a 350 bench (at 181). i know others who get about 50-70 pounds with their denim/canvas shirts.

Hey thanks for the responses. I figured I would need one. I heard you can expect to get about a 10% carry over from raw to with shirt. What would be a good shirt to start with to see if I like it. I am a pretty good bencher without one but if I can do alot better with a shirt then I will get one. Thanks

Get A shirt, but don’t go for an extreme fit yet. They can take some getting use to if you have never used one before. I got one of the neww custom Inzer’s after using the basic for years, and they were much tighter. It threw me off for awhile. Get an inexpensive single ply at first and learn how to use that shirt and get used to it before advancing to the more elite models. Depending on your bodyweight and buil, you can get 10 - 20 lbs or more from a simple shirt.

irondoc: which inzer shirt did you get? does it give you a lot out of the bottom? have you ever the tried the canvas/denim? how would you compare them?