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Bench Band Idea (New to Me)


I'm a raw lifter and I want to try board presses for my triceps, but I'm concerned that the limited range of motion will negetively effect my flexibility. I had this following idea, which may have already been thought of, to get full rom with tricep emphasis.

When I do speed bench work I use the Jumpstretch mini bands, my bench max is around 260. Anyway I had an idea, bare with me if it's not actually "mine". What do you guys think about close grip benching while using the light bands and really light weight 105-115 lbs? My thinking is that the light bands give around 100 lbs of extra tension at the top and around 50 at the bottom, so if I use 100 lbs of weight that would be like 200-220 for the tris to lift and the shoulders would only have to lift about 150-170. I basically want the effects of a board press with a full rom. Is heavier band tension and lighter weight a good way to acheive this? I normally close grip with 205-225, but that leaves my shoulders feeling sore, and just not good afterward.


I'd just do board presses for reps after my DE work then stretch and do soft tissue work with a hard ball (this is what I do). If it is tricep development that you are after I think board pressing is the answer (3 + boards).

If you are dead set on using full rom and want to overload the triceps I'd consider reverse band pressing instead of against, so you don't beat on your elbows so much. Like reverse strong bands where the band completely unloads at lockout.


To work the bands, you need to emphasize speed. On a close grip bench, speed can be a dangerous thing, especially if you are already having shoulder soreness with the movement. Board pressing should not affect your ROM if you properly set up your routine.

If you board press with 3 boards from now until infinity, it may, but if you are really nervous, you can run smaller board pressing cycles followed by regular bench cycles and run low to high. such as (3 weeks 1 board, 3 weeks none)(3 weeks 2 boards, 3 weeks 3 none)(3 weeks 3 boards, 3 weeks flat)

If you are interested in using the bands on the close grip, i would set it up to be over 5 sets for 3 rep intervals. Increase the negative (3 secs.) and explode the positive (1 sec.) emphasize explosion on the positive and total control one the negative. Bring the bar deep into your chest, and focus all the energy of the positive through the triceps.

I say this because if you go too fast, you will start the movement with your delts, this would lead to more shoulder issues. Also, i would not use this as my main compound lift for the day. I would use it as assistance work solely to emphasize triceps strength. Dont get cocky and too much weight, if it a controllable weight feels too easy, decrease time between sets and work from more of a fatigued state.


*{3 weeks 1 board / 3 weeks regular bench)(3 weeks 2 boards / 3 weeks regular bench)(3 weeks 3 boards / 3 weeks regular bench) work to a PR on each board press, whether it is a 3 rep PR or a 1 rep PR, just work to a max.


(3 weeks 1 board, 3 weeks none)(3 weeks 2 boards, 3 weeks 3 none)(3 weeks 3 boards, 3 weeks flat)

I meant:

3 weeks 1 board press
3 weeks regular bench
3 weeks 2 board press
3 weeks regular bench
3 weeks 3 board press
3 weeks regular bench

work up to 1 rep or 3 rep PR on each of the board presses.


if youre doing full range bench press, board presses after will not affect your flexibility. i usually do board presses after DE bench too. just leave the bands on and do board presses after speed bench.


Ok thank you guys. I wanted to know if my idea was a good one, and I guess not. I guess I'll stick with more tried and true methods.


How do you do soft tissue work with a hard ball? Is it like foam rolling?


It is like foam rolling in concept, but the pain and subsequent relief and joint mobility are an order of magnitude greater.

Check this site...
It's crossfit, but the guy is a genius of mobility. There are several dealing with shoulders. Just go back and look through them.

I use everything from tennis, lacrosse, golf, and batting cage baseballs depending on how bad it hurts/how deep I need to get.


The light bands, if set up corrctly will add 200+ pounds of tension. Minis should be adding 80-90, monster minis around 120-150. This tension is accomplished by making sure the band has no slack throughout your entire ROM.

It is a very good idea to switch up band tensions, number of chains, bars, grips, whatever else you can think of, as often as possible for speed work. You're not going to know what works until you try it so give it a shot. If your lockout sucks, it will definietly help.