Bench at home etc

I was at Galyan’s tonight (sports store) and was looking at their benches and equipment. I can get a flat bench with 300lbs in weight(oly bar, 2 45, 2 35 etc) for $229. Seems like a good deal. I figure I’ll use it to compliment my time in the gym. Sometimes when I’m restless, or just wanna do some light weight/high rep stuff. My chest is my weakest part so I want to get it up fast. Some at home supplementation could help I think. Also saw a punching bag there for $69 bucks. I always wanted one, maybe I’ll get that too. Never know when some fuctional punching strength could come in…handy? :slight_smile:

I work out almost exclusively at home. A couple benches and some ingenuity can go a long way! I’m currently in the process of fabbing up my own power rack, made of .120 DOM. If I ever finish it I’ll post some pics.

my cousins got that and are 15 and 16 I think it was a similar price at sports authority.

remember youll need to get 2 more 45s soon i hope 2 more 10s are helpful too for 175 never used 2 5s or 2 2 1/2s.
if you want to get your chest strong dont do a lot of reps when you are bored. Hit chest 2 days a week 4 days in between. One heavy weight and the other day do a normal workout where you go from light up to ~75% of your max for the last reps. Dont overtrain, your last rep shouldnt be impossible have a couple left when you stop.

when you start getting a strong chest then you can start doing flys, and dumbbells, incline and decline etc…flat bench is the most effective/important upper body workout period.

Gotcha. I’m going to get 2 more 45 for sure. Makes loading weight easier. I was also curious, would hitting a bag be considered cardiovascular? I know it’s probably fairly tiring and you would work up a sweat but it’s also pretty physical with your arms, and legs if you do kicking too. Any amateur boxers around? hah

I am an amateur boxer. At least was until a month ago. Boxing is a great workout. Just learn how to throw a punch correctly before you go nuts on the bag and break a finger.

Snook is right.

Extra 45s come first, then extra tens. A chinup bar is always a good addition to any home gym, and a power rack is a good addition to any gym. Shop around and see if you can get a bench with an incline/decline option for a little more.

Hitting the heavy bag is cardiovascular. Jumping rope between sets of heavy bag will leave your lungs on the floor.

Or just get a nice boxer’s rope for around 10 bucks.

Just my two cents.

Dan “Working out at Home Today” McVicker

would hitting a bag be considered cardiovascular!!!??!

Are you serious? Ever tried going all out for 3 mins on a heavy bag? It most definitely is anaerobically very demanding. But it won’t make your muscles bigger or stronger. Good for endurance, especially the shoulders. Do 5 rounds of 3 mins on the heavy bag and you’ll feel like you’re arms are about to fall off. Because its like running an 800m race in terms of effort (if you push yourself that is) its very good for burning fat.

Posted by whitewater;

“I work out almost exclusively at home. A couple benches and some ingenuity can go a long way! I’m currently in the process of fabbing up my own power rack, made of .120 DOM. If I ever finish it I’ll post some pics.”

You wouldnt happen to post on any 4 wheel drive BB’s under the same name do you? i’m sure not many people on here have a clue what DOM is :wink:

If you have the money lying around get the bench, maybe a few dumbells when you have some more cash. I can think of several times when I wished I could just do a workout at home due to time constrants. Driving to the gym can be a PITA

Yup, as a matter of fact I do. I recognize your name as well.
Cage for the truck and power rack coming soon :smiley:

Hah I remember hitting a bag at my old gym without any gloves. Hurt my wrist really bad, it just like caved in. Deffinetly going to research the proper way to do it.

yeah i forgot to add. even though everlast equipment sucks ass, you can go to modells and pick up wraps and bag gloves fairly cheap. NEVER EVER go full out on a heavybag - you WILL hurt yourself if you do not have hand protection. Unless you have been doing hand toughing exercises or something of that sort. And if you want to get into that, there’s only one direction I would point you to. John Brookfield.