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Bench Assistance Excercises


Are there any assitance excercises for the bench press that target the chest.
For example David Tate's Elbows-out extentions help strengthen the triceps in a way more specific to the bench press, other than benching with a wide grip and doing 1-1/2 reps.


DB bench press


Use a long pause at the bottom of the rep, like 3 seconds. You'll need to lower the weights a bit, but you'll be surprised at how much more it hits the chest due to negating the stretch reflex thing.


Wide-grip benches are for emphasising the chest, not the triceps (apologies if I just read your post wrong).

As for assistance exercises, I think it depends on which muscle group is your specific weakness - if it's chest then I've been using this exercise which I posted about before for a while now, with no problems, and it's done wonders for my chest size and bench;