Bench Arch: Flat Foot vs On Toes

Hey, I recently switched over from an on toes style bench to flat foot style bench and it has greatly affected my arch. I had to do this switch because of the usapl rulebook. I want to get my arch back to how it was when I was on my toes because I was a lot more explosive. Does anyone know how I can do so?

Was going to recommend Oly shoes but you’ve got them on already.

Looking at the comparison pics check the angle that your shin/tibia makes with the floor and/or how far back you have your heels.

Probably try pulling your feet much further under you / back as far as they can go, uncomfortably so, until you feel increased tension in all the right places. Between on toes or flat footed there’s actually little difference if you can get in a similar position.

Even with a flat foot you can practice driving through your toes / forefoot to get a similar feel to a toes up bench. Just make sure heels/butt don’t come up.