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Bench and Curl Meet: Advice for Curls


Ok, so Ive gotten everything squared away to bench for the meet. I dont know shit about curling for max weight. Any ideas on a program and also tips for technique?


I dont here of many curling meets. Interesting. Hope you do well man.


Didn't know that things like this existed. How far away is the meet? Is it just a straight barbell curl?

I'd just train for it the same way you train to bench, except the biceps recover faster than probably any other body part you train in the gym so you can work them more often. I'd probably bench twice a week and do back/biceps twice a week. Do the barbell curl first on those days since as it's higher priority right now.

If you've never really trained the curl that hard before, you could probably just make lateral progression every workout from now until the meet. That's probably what I'd go with.


make sure your wrists stay healthy


I think they're using an international curl barbell. Just train the technique to get your maximum weight without swinging. Good luck!


Curl meets? Why, if you don't mind my asking?


Those have been around for some time. Probably since before you were born.
Not everyone has jumped onto the "let's bash curls" -bandwagon, I suppose. Probably an internet phenomenon in the first place.

Meets including curls aren't all that widespread anymore, though.

Bar curls, even with non-straight bars aren't for everyone of course... Depending on arm (elbow)/wrists/forearm structure...


The NASA guy (Willie) has a log here fwiw... You guys could check that out... He doesn't do much squatting or deadlifting but then again he doesn't compete in squat or DL events and leg muscle doesn't help him all that much I suppose...


I was definitely not bashing curls. I do them in my training in fact. But I don't know anyone who competes in curl contests, nor have I ever seen one, although I know they exist. I was just curious as to why the OP has chosen this lift to contest.


When is your competition?
Which federation is it with?


Its a Pure Athletic Power meet in WV. Almost all meets in WV are bench press and curl only. I have no idea why.


March 19th


What aare you current 1RM bench and curl stats?

(not being a dick, just curious)


Bench is 170 and Im not even sure what max curl is. Ive gotten 80 before, can probably get better with some practice. I dont curl often, but it should be interesting. Would a 5/3/1 program work for curls?


Id would try what Urban said and do linear progression until meet. Sounds like you may have success with that.


I suggest trying 3 x 3 for your curl workout. I have been very successful with 3 x 3. It will help with strength and technique. When you perform the curl movement, do each rep slow and with control. Your opener will be what you can get for 3 reps.

Good luck & post your results too!!


I have done a lot of curl meets myself. It sounds like your meet will be a standing curl, youtube those videos, even though they say they are strict they are not perfectly strict. You have to master a little bit of swing in the beginning but try to hide it as best as you can, although be careful with that b/c given the weight you are curling they will expect you to be quite strict. Some curl meets are up against the wall. Make sure you know if you have to do that as it is MUCH tougher like that.

I would probably curl twice a week with a heavy focus on EZ Bar Curls (work up to low reps and then maybe do a high rep back down set), DB Curls, DB Hammer Curls, Reverse Curls. Heavy palms up back stuff like chin-ups, 45 degree bent over rows, etc, can help you out as well. The buckeye routine is high volume and pretty good.

NASA and 100% RAW are the big feds that do curl competitions regularly, there are usually a lot in VA near UVA every year. Good luck with your meet.



Thanks everyone that gave me advice! I just came down with the flu but thats not stopping me. I refuse to not make this meet. I appreciate the encouragement and will post my results.


Ok, so I had the swine flu for 3 weeks. any suggestions as how to recover quickly back to gain weight and strength back? Any suggested supplements or routines?


Lots of food. Meat, milk and eggs. Your strength will come back pretty soon - 3 weeks isnt that long. Do some basic linear progression on the big lifts, something like Starting Strength would propably work just fine.