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Bench After Rehab


About three weeks ago i tore my peck. The part that connects into the shoulder nothing majorly serious but i wasnt aloud to bench for three weeks. Im good now and i still havnt benched. My max before i tore it was 305. When it is bench day again should i go really hard the first time or go softer then harder. Would it matter with gains or not? What would u recommend?


Going heavy your first day back from a pec tear?

Not sounding like a good idea.

Ease into it. You don't wanna make things worse.


I agree. going heavy is not good. I suffered a light tear in my inner left peck awhile back (about 5 months ago) and I took a few months off(about 2). When I started back up I did just push-ups for about a month, then slowly incorporated heavyer weight into the process. Im now just starting to get back into the 100lb dumbbell range for 3sets/10reps 2-3x's a week(I currently weigh 160lbs). But Ive allso been shoveling in 10-15grams of creatine the past 7 months(which I think helped me recover & get my strength up quicker).

Stay strong,


Actually ive been not benching for 3 weeks now. Ive been doing rehab and stuff with like minimal dumbells but im fine now, my peck is good. im just wondering on the first day with normal weight should i go hard hard or soft?


I still wouldn't be pushing it especially hard. Like I said, ease into it, work with more intensity each time you go and see how you respond.