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Bench Advice (w/ video)

Here is a video of my latest bench. I am doing the Wendler 5x3x1. This is the first week of my 3rd cycle. My bench %'s are based off 315 (adapted to 290 as recommended by Jim). This week i am on the 5x5x5*. 5* set is shown. It is 250 (85% of 1RM) for a PR of 7 reps.

The main thing i have noticed about my bench is how my elbows flair out and up as i begin to drive at the bottom. Any other critiques on technique would be appreciated. I have stayed true to 5x3x1 and am running the percentages accurately as well as greatly increasing my pulling with Kroc Rows and pull-ups.

Thanks brothers.

It seems like you need to tuck you elbows more on the descent and try to bring the bar just a hair lower on your chest. Tighten up your stance and get you back and tris stronger.

Yeah tighten up your back. You want to be squeezing your shoulder blades together and as you come down tuck your elbows in like chazdaman said.

Also I recommend watching “So you think you can bench?” by EliteFTS

you flare you elbows too soon

Start here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byOk4OE_6uI

Finish at the end of the series :slight_smile:

hard to really tell from the video but it looks like you’re fairly tall and have long arms. Make sure the squeeze the ever-loving shit out of the bar. It’ll help engage your triceps more.

The other thing some guys at my gym recommend is to try and “bend” the bar toward your feet. It’s a little different than what dave tate teaches but it’s another option to try.

Thanks for all the input.

I am a little tall in the bench. I am about 6’00’’.

Thanks for the video responses. I have been studying Tate’s bench videos since that link was originally posted. I am working out at my 3x3x3* tonight with a 3* being a PR of 280… Big night. will have updated video of that one.